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December 16, 2020

Review from Ginger

by Ginger

Property: Arcadian II 15B

October 23, 2020

Review from Christy

by Christy
October 13, 2020

Review from Daniel

by Daniel

My family and I have worked with GSV for several years, always been pleasant and in the rare case that there is an issue with our rental its handled quickly

Property: Heron Pointe C8

October 13, 2020

Review from Amanda McClanahan

by Amanda McClanahan

The property was so well stocked and the resort had everything we needed. The storage cages where the best idea and the checkin was smooth and easy to follow . The room was clean and the beds slept so well . Plenty of couch room for our party of 7 to enjoyThe team was very helpful in answering questions quickly and efficiently

Property: MarVista 812

September 10, 2020

Review from Brooks

by Brooks
September 10, 2020

Review from Brooks

by Brooks

Property: Pelicans Watch 319

September 10, 2020

Review from Michael

by Michael

Property: Heron Pointe D2

September 10, 2020

Review from Claudia

by Claudia

Property: Heron Pointe D16

September 9, 2020

Review from Brooks

by Brooks

Everything is great at Pelican Watch and Pelican Landing. The people in the office are great to work with. The pool is real nice to just hang out by. The location is great with the beach right across the street. Ocean Annie's and Flip Flops are just down the street.Everyone in the office is great to work with!

Property: Pelicans Watch 322

September 8, 2020

Review from Orrie

by Orrie

Great time. Convenient to many attractionsFriendly and professional.

Property: Pelicans Landing 404

September 6, 2020

Review from Abby

by Abby

Its always the best a great family oriented stayEveryone always has a smile

Property: Pelicans Landing 223

August 27, 2020

Review from Ebony

by Ebony

Property was amazing!!! My family fit perfectly and we were made to feel right at home. We will be coming back for sure.Everything was pretty easy, office was closed when I got there but their were directions at the door on how to check in. I did call at first because things just seemed too easy, but he assured me I was in the right place. Probably should update your direction sheet, words were spelled wrong and it was confusing. Not sure why you didn't give the address!?!

Property: Arcadian II 15B

August 6, 2020

Review from Erin

by Erin
August 4, 2020

Review from Jim

by Jim

Property: Pelicans Watch 204

July 28, 2020

Review from Jennifer

by Jennifer

The county rules were strict. Couldnt have a ten on the beach. No plastic floats.Finally called me back the next day

Property: Pelicans Landing 223

July 22, 2020

Review from Charlotte

by Charlotte

Enjoyed every minute of it !!Accommodation was great

Property: Shipwatch I A124

July 21, 2020

Review from Lori

by Lori

Enjoyable. Clean and overall pleasant and comfortable stayAll was very easy and helpful throughout booking

Property: Heron Pointe D16

July 20, 2020

Review from Verona

by Verona

Very niceFine

Property: Heron Pointe D1

July 19, 2020

Review from Angela

by Angela

Property: Sand Dunes 2526

July 1, 2020

Review from Letron

by Letron

Property: Pelicans Watch 319

June 25, 2020

Review from Taranika

by Taranika

Place was nice n the perfect size for ny family. It was a little outdated but still nice, With the olace geing ckosed up they do need need to put something in place to make it smell okd when guest come in.I did work with a team member because we checked in after hrs.

Property: Heron Pointe F09

June 24, 2020

Review from William

by William

Didn't like the small print re: daily charges for sheets, etc. One bag of linens for the entire stay and no daily cleaning does not justify those daily charges.Everyone was pleasant and friendly.

Property: Shipwatch II Q303

June 23, 2020

Review from Heather

by Heather

Location is excellent.Very pleasant and easy to work with.

Property: Pelicans Landing 404

June 19, 2020

Review from Cathy

by Cathy

Property: Ocean Lakes 7033

June 17, 2020

Review from Emma

by Emma

We loved itI spoke with a few different reps prior to the stay so I would know what to expect/ and also needed a bit of assistance figuring out how to get to the apartment we stayed in. All but one of them was friendly and helpful.

Property: Pelicans Watch 322

June 16, 2020

Review from Larry

by Larry
May 25, 2020

Review from Ken

by Ken

as always it was wonderfulyou know if you need anything they will get right on it

Property: Pelicans Landing 326

May 24, 2020

Review from Candace

by Candace

Property: Heron Pointe F20

April 5, 2020

Review from Fred

by Fred

Property: Heron Pointe F09

April 4, 2020

Review from Leila

by Leila

We enjoyed our stay, were sorry to have to leave early due to Corona virus. Got to use only two weeks of our monthly rental..while it was not the fault of the agency, perhaps an offer to partially refund or a reduction on our next stay would be appreciated.Had a major leak in the kitchen, on the weekend and it was looked after promptly..

Property: Pelicans Watch 322

March 24, 2020

Review from Tina

by Tina

The entire team is wonderful to work with. Everything was extremely clean and I am very picky. The place is wonderful what a great viewThe entire team is wonderful to work with. Everything was extremely clean and I am very picky. The place is wonderful what a great view

Property: Margate 1003

January 27, 2020

Review from Damon

by Damon

Property: Roxanne 406

November 23, 2019

Review from Karen

by Karen

Everyone was helpful..no major problems

Property: Pelicans Watch 102

October 30, 2019

Review from Susan

by Susan

Restful. Relaxing. Yet near all the restaurants and shopping we need. Thank you.The team goes out of their way to provide top quality service.

Property: Pelicans Landing 304

October 22, 2019

Review from David

by David

Property was sprayed while we were there but still have big bugs but that's the nature of South CarolinaFor the six or seven years we have been using this service always been fine

Property: Heron Pointe F20

September 21, 2019

Review from Richard

by Richard

It was great! Always is. Weve been coming since 1985 & stay in the same area every time. Weve stayed in different condos but always shore dr! Love it there !!Very friendly

Property: Pelicans Landing 304

September 18, 2019

Review from Barbara

by Barbara
September 13, 2019

Review from Brooke

by Brooke

Property: Ocean Lakes 5126

September 4, 2019

Review from Brooks

by Brooks
September 4, 2019

Review from Brooks

by Brooks

Property: Pelicans Watch 218

September 3, 2019

Review from Olivia

by Olivia
August 18, 2019

Review from Arnold

by Arnold

Thank you for the beautiful home to stay in. Great place for a family vacation with all the kids and grand kids. Lots of room and lots to do when you get there. We can't wait for the change to go back.Very helpful and friendly. I had small issue with lock but the girl I spoke with was very patient and helpful. After a 10 hour drive I can get a bit impatient.

Property: Ocean Lakes 5126

August 6, 2019

Review from Jesse

by Jesse

Property: Heron Pointe F20

July 31, 2019

Review from Sheran

by Sheran

Property: Heron Pointe C8

July 30, 2019

Review from Angie

by Angie

Kingston Plantations is a wonderful place to stay. It would be nice to have more than 2 keys and one swipe card to get back into the pool entrance when you have multiple people in your group. 1003 sleeps eight so it is difficult with only 2 keys and 1 swipe cardit was a great experience. I did most communication via email. The representative was pleasant when we arrived to pick up keys

Property: Margate 1003

July 26, 2019

Review from Ken

by Ken
July 4, 2019

Review from Christy

by Christy

We had a great time at this property. 1 minute walk to the beach. The property is clean and well maintained. Jim the owner and customer service was great at answering questions. The only thing we would change would be to have mattresses changed to something little more firm. We Will definitely be coming back and hopefully if its available stay at the same unit. Having a washer and dryer in the unit was very helpful since we were at the beach every day. Kitchen was perfect size to cook and feed 7 people. The pool was clean. I would recommend the property to friends.The property is clean and well maintained. Jim the owner and customer service was great at answering questions.

Property: Pelicans Landing 223

July 2, 2019

Review from Laura

by Laura

Property: Bluewater 819

July 1, 2019

Review from Pam

by Pam

Perfect for a family vacation. Loved the easy check-in and out. Loved being able to customize our number of nights.Very friendly staff.

Property: Windermere 5H

May 14, 2019

Review from Arthur

by Arthur

Outstanding as usualThey are extremely helpful and pleasant

Property: Pelicans Landing 316

May 14, 2019

Review from Jann

by Jann

We enjoyed it so much we already have reservations for next year. I have stayed in either Pelican's Watch or Pelican's Landing the past 15 years.Jim Rand did anything we ask and was always willing to help.

Property: Pelicans Watch 204

April 20, 2019

Review from Alba

by Alba
April 1, 2019

Review from Barbra

by Barbra

Property: Pelicans Watch 322

October 9, 2018

Review from Jeffrey

by Jeffrey

Love the locations & amenities.Very helpful & polite.

Property: Shipwatch II P201

September 4, 2018

Review from Joseph

by Joseph

Property: Pelicans Watch 218

August 31, 2018

Review from Rosa

by Rosa

Property: Bluewater 819

August 25, 2018

Review from Michael

by Michael

Property: Anchorage I 104

August 15, 2018

Review from Terri

by Terri

Property: SummerTree A-11

August 12, 2018

Review from Amanda

by Amanda

Property: Heron Pointe D2

July 31, 2018

Review from Lisa

by Lisa
July 31, 2018

Review from Stephanie

by Stephanie

Property: Heron Pointe F20

July 25, 2018

Review from Roger

by Roger

Relaxing vacation...great to be able to book property by individual nightsVery accomadating

Property: Bluewater 819

July 22, 2018

Review from Christina

by Christina

Property: Heron Pointe D16

July 21, 2018

Review from Orman

by Orman

We had a great time good weather! But there needs to be something done with the smoking area! A large family sat every day below our balcony and smoked ALL day. We couldnt sit on our balcony much in the afternoon because of it. I think the smoking should be in a designated area to insure everyone a great vacation!Everyone was helpful

Property: Shipwatch II L204

July 11, 2018

Review from Mikhail

by Mikhail

Wi-fi connection was terrible, disconnected constantly. No hair dryer, no beach accessories (just one chair). Microwave didn't work properly. Some crockery is scratched and too old. To get the keys you need to go to another location, you need to make doors with individual codes and send the codes by e-mail to the guests prior to arrival (same day), it'd be easy and more secured. Full kitchen, washing machine, dryer, terrace. Oudoor and indoor pools. 5 minutes walking distance to the beach. Close to Walmart and Tanger outlets. Free parking. You have sand wash, it's good because there's no sand wash on the beach!First time guests should be better informed about directions.

Property: Heron Pointe D2

July 10, 2018

Review from John

by John

We love it there!They are very friendly and helpful.

Property: Pelicans Landing 402

July 10, 2018

Review from Lisa

by Lisa

Property: Pelicans Watch 204

June 27, 2018

Review from Bonnie

by Bonnie

Property: Heron Pointe D5

June 25, 2018

Review from Monica

by Monica
June 4, 2018

Review from John

by John

Property: Windermere 5H

May 24, 2018

Review from Larry

by Larry
April 24, 2018

Review from Kenneth

by Kenneth

Very nice place.Great customer service.

Property: Pelicans Landing 327

April 9, 2018

Review from Dominic

by Dominic

The only small issue I had was the location of check in was no where the actual resort property and nothing indicated this prior.I was a late arrival and an internet rental so I never worked face to face with any of your team.

Property: Windermere 5H

February 24, 2018

Review from R

by R

PW102 is a wonderful oceanfront property. We feel in love with the property because we can see and hear the ocean waves and the kids playing in the pool from the patio.Linda & Jim are always wonderful to work with. They are very flexible with scheduling that meet our needs. They are also helpful with recommending things to do outside the tourist areas.

Property: Pelicans Watch 102

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